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Hi, I’m Tasha. This is my journey to autonomy. Please see the “blog” page for my writing.

The wonderful, wacky world of ‘Compartmentalization’ as an emotionally unavailable trauma baby with compelling quote by Russell Abramson

Maybe you’ve heard of the term compartmentalization, maybe you aren’t familiar with it. Regardless of your knowledge the term ‘compartmentalization’ means ~ the division of something into sections or categories. ~Oxford Dictionary What does this mean in terms of psychological trauma? To compartmentalize experiences which are negative, toxic, or traumatizing means you figuratively compress the…

Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria in ADHD and what this means if you have CPTSD

My brain is having it out with me these last couple of days. Like the Drake song, I’ve been “In my feelings” really bad these last two days, and a couple days before that. Prior to this I hadn’t had a bout of Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria in a couple of weeks. If you’re like me…

Be Autistic with ADHD. Have an eating disorder. (written satirical like 4chan posting but this is my life)

When you have a binge eating disorder and ADHD: A story by me. Buys some junk food.Knows that you’ll binge eat it because you didn’t eat at all during the day.Says out loud “you should probably make dinner first”. But proud of yourself for budgeting appropriately and not ordering McDonalds.Inner chaos is all “no, it’s…

July 28th, 2020: I wrote this about my cats the night after I was losing Atlas. The night it all began.

I spent last night thinking I’d lose him & that was hard. He made it through his surgery. It’s awful sitting here not knowing how hes doing or if he’s going to make it through this or if I’ll see him again but I know Rescue Siamese will do what they can for him. I…

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